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Gift set, “Pour les mains”


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  • Marius Fabre, Liquid hand soap “Thyme & Aneth”
  • Marius Fabre, 400g Traditional Marseille soap
  • Iris Hantverk, knitted Hand towel, white, Size: 45 cm x 50 cm

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Marius Fabre olive based Thyme & Dill liquid hand soap.
Cooked in cauldrons Marius Fabre 100% vegetable based liquid soap is a perfect addition to your kitchen and bathroom. This olive based soap leaves a fresh herby fragrance of Thyme & dill.

Marius Fabre have been producing Marseille soap right in the heart of Salon-de Provence for over 100 years. Their traditional production methods have been passed down from generation to generation. They guarantee a natural product that is not only good for the skin but respects the environment as well.

Hand Towel
Knitted towel in organic cotton by Iris hantverk has a lovely softness and gives a nice exfoliating feeling. The towel fits well in the bathroom but also in the kitchen as a hand towel.
Material: eco-cotton
Size: 45 cm x 50 cm

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Marius Fabre, iris hantverk,

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